Finally! I have no words to explain how freaking excited I was for this novel to be published (January 8th). The Wicked King is the second book in The Folk of the Air young adult book series by Holly Black. And what is it about?
Well, thank you for asking. Let me tell you…

You must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring. The first lesson is to make yourself that strong. It will hurt. Pain makes you strong.

The King is under her control.
Her command is what he has to obey, her wish is what he has to want. Jude is playing a dangerous game of power, life and deadly secrets. She has betrayed her family and send her sister and brother away so she could become the person of power.
Cardan hates her and she feels the same for him – same hatred, same passion, the same fear.
But politics do not mix with emotions, so Jude has to keep her head clear because the stakes are higher than ever. If she releases Cardan from his oath, she will lose all control over him and her brother could lose the throne. Or his life.
Jude expects danger, she expects treason, but she does not expect the king to show his true self. One that is full of mercy. Weakness. And even love.

How wicked is the wicked king?

Oh my God, yes! This is such an amazing story about trust. About revealnig ourselves to the world. About fear. Insecurities. Finding our place under the stars. Such a freakishly awesome novel about every young person’s fear, wrapped up in a fantastic adventure of a boy and a girl, seemingly so different, but actually the same.

When I’m with him, I feel like the hero of a story. Of my story. It’s when he’s not here that things don’t feel right.

In The Cruel Prince, we got to know our protagonist and fell in love with her bravery, readiness to make a sacrifice and her big generous heart. We felt sorry for Jude, a mortal girl in the fairy realm, always the target, never the one to retaliate.
Until she did. And when she did it, she did it with a bang. She showed us she was just as cruel as everybody else. She became the woman controlling the king. 

Power is much easier to acquire than to hold on to.

Is it enough?

But now more than ever, it is impossible to distinguish enemies from allies, the pressure is bigger than ever and to show any kind of weakness means to admit to being defeated.
Jude is lonely. She is desperate. The only thing she has is power, but it too is slipping through her fingers.

One the other end, there is Cardan, the cruel Prince, the King of nothing, the puppet of a girl he learned to hate. But what is hatered than love disguised? Jude is the only person that he has ever met that truly cared for someone. And the only thing Cardan ever wanted was to belong. In Jude, he sees the chance to feel something, to have someone to feel for him. 

The only thing Jude and Cardan have is each other. But both are living the concequences of the mistakes people before them have made. The only way for them to survive the schemes, plots and intrigues by the rising number of enemies is to trust each other. And to trust means to show weakness. To show weakness means risking to lose the Kingdom.
Somebody has to make the first step into the unknown. 
Will they? 

What’s next?

This series was love at the first sight for me. It has all the virtues my book-loving soul desires in a written word: mysterious intrigues, undeniable magic, ever-present danger and never-ending love. The amazing power to suck me into the story, captivate me entirely and make me want to pull pages out of honest and crazy amazement. To conclude this review there’s only one thing for me to say: read it. You’ll love it.

Until we’re waiting for the final installment, The Queen of Nothing, maybe you’d like to see what else is there to read. More about The Cruel Prince you can find here.

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