I wish a was 17 again so nobody would look at me as if I’ve lost my mind for admitting to falling for the cruel prince… 😜 A few years back I’ve started reading one of Holly Black’s novels, but you can make your own assumptions on how that went since I don’t even remember its name anymore. So I have no idea how I ended up reading The Cruel Prince, but god, I loved it! The first novel in The Folk of Air trilogy was published last month and the next novel is to be published in 2019.

Who is the Cruel Prince?

Jude was barely seven years old when an unknown man broke into her house, killed her parents and took her sisters and her to a different world. The world of faeries and magic. The world that hates mortals.
She grew up in a house of a warrior having everything a girl could need, but ten years in a place where one doesn’t feel welcome is ought to change a person.
In spite of being human, Jude cannot imagine living anywhere else and tries every day to fit in.
But they follow her every step of the way. The son of the King and his friends are trying to make her life a living hell.
So to show them that she’s as good as they are, Jude trains. She studies.
And after the King’s death, that’s exactly what get’s her involved in a making of a new one.

Since this is a recently published novel, you may still have not heard of it. I could compare it with Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Fae Series, but there are also some similarities with The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and Thron of Glass by Sarah J.Maas. It’s a story of a High Court of Faerie and a human girl who would crown its king.
Who, exactly, is a Cruel Prince and why he is so important, I will not reveal, but let me tell you – you’ll love the moment you find out. 

The world you have never seen before

After the death of the High King, the true colors of many people are revealed. The allies become traitors and enemies are the only ones Jude can count on. She’s the one to demonstrate how it looks like for magic to turn against its owner. She will show us how the destiny of the Faerie people could fall into the hands of a mortal.

But Jude has to be ready to offer sacrifices. She has to become a person she never wanted to be and face the fact she was also wrong in her judgment. She’s not the only one others hated, humiliated and declined to understand. And the person to teach her that lesson is a person she hates the most.
Worry, fear and doubt will be the soil for the new feeling to grow on.

Attraction, one of the feelings she has no time for, would soon make her see things clearer. The attraction she will feel for the one she can’t stand. But the save the throne and the man she dreams about – Cardan – she has to betray him first.

I’m so happy to take the time to read this novel and start yet another fantastic adventure. Anyone care to join?

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Rose Strong


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