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Want to feel the Twisted Love? Bad boys turn you on? Then this one will burn you alive. Smart boys make you swoon? Better sit down, because with this one you could feel a bit light headed. If you’re up for alot hotness and bit of danger, keep reading 😉

She felt like heaven to my hell, the closest I’d ever get to salvation, and yet I still wanted to drag her into the depths of Hades with me.

How complicated!

Alex Volkov has a wicked plan and he has dedicated years to it. It includes bad guys and murder. He got closer to young photography lover Ava Chen to be able to execute it, but now…

There’s something about her that he just cannot resist. She’s everything good he never knew he wanted but always actually needed. She’s the only sunshine in his dark sad life.

He will make her his, tho that means he would also corrupt her. Or… will she be the one to save him instead?

When the time comes for him to choose between his vendetta and Ava’s love, will he be able to make a decision that would save him? Or condemn him?

Twisted Love

Ladies are way better than gentlemen

So, this book’s full of some of my favorite tropes: brothers best friend, a broody guy who likes pretty much only the female protagonist, he has a dark past and she’s his ray of sun… I was in the mood for reading this kind of romance and I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this book series so I’ve decided to give it a shot.

Now, let’s talk about things I loved and those I didn’t.

First of all, let’s mention the amazing, fucking perfect female friendships! Those girls are so different one from another but they make such an amazing bunch. Here we have Ava and her friend Bridget, who is a literal princess of an European kingdom Eldorra. Next we have Jules, Ava’s best friend, who looks like Jessica Rabbit and seems like the bravest and most direct person on the planet. And the fourth of them is Stella, a succesfull influencer with more than 400k followers.

Do I need to say anything more about these girls? I mean, there’s no way for me not the read other books in this series, and that decision has nothing at all to do with any male character. These ladies sound fantactic enough to grab my attention, thank you very much.

Twisted love and twisted man

I did love the plot of this book and I loved the constant surprises. Most of the turning points were unexpected but I could accept them thanks to Alex. He’s a CEO. He’s young, decisive, rich and oh so hot. Since we also know he has a troubled and fucked up past,  full of pretty gross and hard to believe moments, it was only fair for me to accept other people, in some aspects, could have been just as unbelievable as he was.

What I din’t like were all of those moments of „telling“ and not showing. Rest asured, the chemistry was off the charts between Alex and Ava, but… they fall one for another in a very short period of time. And all of their „dates“ happen „off screen“. We are just served with the news that they have been seeing each other a lot, but we never actually witnesed them getting to know each other. We were told they like each other, but we didn’t see it. So most readers won’t even believe it. This is a romace novel, seeing that is why we’re here. And it happens again, in the end of the novel, when I literally turned a page and a year has pased for the two of them.

And the other thing I wasn’t a fan of was way too much of his possesivness. Being possesive is one of the most appealing characteristic of a male protagonist in romance novels, but not if all comes down to him saying like a million times something like: „I’ll kill every guy who touches you. Nobody will ever touch you but me. I’ll get them killed you you let them touch you.“ That’s not romantic, it’s toxic.

Twisted Love

Did I even like the book?

I do. I did. I really liked the book. There’s a lot going on. Alex is a bad boy, a real bad boy. So I went in expecting it and I got it. He’s a rulthess businessman who cares about nothing but his own agenda and plans. He tries to get close to Ava to act on those plans but get’s caughed up in emotions he starts to feel for her. There’s that constant sexual tension present betweent them, the love and hate dynamic that makes it interesting.

Tho there were a few things that individually bothered me, I could have forgiven them enough to finish reading because, as a whole, it all somehow worked out. But. Since I’ve decided to read the next book in this series, I do have some limits I expect the author not to cross. First of all, non of that „I’ll kill them“ BS anymore. And secondly, no time jumping. At least no time jumping without „showing“ everything we have to see. I will not be accpting to be „told“ anymore.

Twisted love and Twisted book series

Twisted Love is a first novel in Twisted book series, featuring a dark, dangerous hero and many scenes that will make you blush. The book was published in 2021. and it’s followed by two sequels with their own respective protagonists: Twisted Games and Twisted Hate. Book no. 4 should be published soon and it will be named Twisted Lies.

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