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Twisted Games is a second novel in an erotic series Twisted, written by Ana Huang. This books fitures a bold princess and an unyealding bodyguard. Welcome to the Kingdom of Eldorra!

You don’t need a crown to be queen, princess.

Twisted games in the Kingdom of Eldorra

As a princess of a small kingdom in Europe, Bridget was able to enjoy certain freedoms, including a life abroad, in USA. Her brother was to one day become a king, and she was to do something entirely else. Nontheless, she still had some rules to follow, and one of those was to always be acompanied by a bodyguard.

That’s how she meets Rhys Larsen, the new man on the job. And one who doesn’t really care about her royal status. He’s not there to like her or to make her wishes come true. He’s there to protect her.

Until one day her brother abdicates and she becomes the future queen. That means she has to marry a man of noble blood. But what if the one she actually likes is… her bodyguard?

Twisted Games

Two things I didn’t like

When it comes to this novel, it comes with a disclaimer (which is fortunate) about many time jumpings. The first part of the book was full of them and frankly, I didn’t like it. In my opinion, it could have been done differently. There were a few moments when I was thinking about giving up because of it, tho I did love the characters. But once I’ve passed the first 50% of the book, I fell in love with it completely.

Another thing I wasn’t expecting was the fact that there would be so little scenes with Bridget and her friends. As I’ve said in the review of Twisted Love, the four friends and their interactions were my favourite part of these novels.

Many things I did like

If you’ve read the first book, you have surely noticed the completely different undertone. Twisted Love was a novel about a cold harted hero, so the entire novel was somehow serious. Twisted Games, on the other hand, was much warmer but also much more avanturistic. The contrast between these two is amazing.

This novel will make you love…guess what: the sex scenes. Perfect, kinky absolutely dirty sex scenes. Yes, it will. In most romance or erotic novels, male characters are those on the position of power. In this one, Bridget is a princess and Rhys is her employee, her bodyguard. That’s why my favorite part about this book was their relationship dynamic. I loved reading about her giving up certain power during their sexy times, and submiting to him. I also loved him taking that power and respecting her immensely for giving it to him. That’s how a real, healthy relationship’s supposed to look like.

Next thing I loved was a character named Andreas. He was one of those assholes you love to hate. But then, somehow, you just stop hating him. He shows you his other side and you become wildly interested in him. Does anybody know if the author’s maybe thinking about writing a book about him?

Twisted Games

Twisted games between them

Bridget and Rhys were the couple you just have to love. They understand and complete each other with no words needed. They support each other and take each other seriously. It’s clear the two of them see each other as equal, no matter the different social status they belong to. There are no secrets between them or parts of themselves they would hide one from another. They are the real power couple and I loved them.

The book ends with a scene subtly telling us what to expect in the book number three, Twisted Hate. After that one, there’s only one left. I’m looking forward to Twisted Lies being published this year.

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